Magnum Neutraceuticals

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Magnum Magnum - Quattro - 4 lbs
4 different sources of Isolate protein for timed digestion ...
C$76.49 C$89.99
Magnum - Quattro - 4 lbs
Magnum Magnum - Quattro - 2 lbs
4 different sources of Isolate protein for timed digestion ...
C$42.49 C$49.99
Magnum - Quattro - 2 lbs
Magnum Magnum - G-Spring - 48 Caps
Build and Burn While you Sleep
Increased GH release while you sleep
Ignites nighttime fat loss and lean muscle build
Makes you fall asleep faster a ...
Magnum - G-Spring - 48 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Opus - 48 servings
Magnum Opus creates an anabolic firestorm, causing incredible muscle growth. This groundbreaking formula sends strength levels off the charts by incre ...
C$42.49 C$49.99
Magnum - Opus - 48 servings
Magnum Magnum - DNA - 140 Caps
Anabolic Strength Activator
Increase Strength in 3 Days!
Increase your one-rep max on bench, squat, and deadlift
Improved raw strength & explosive ...
C$42.49 C$49.99
Magnum - DNA - 140 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Hard Muscle Builder - 30 Caps
The Strongest Muscle Builder.
All Natural Lean Muscle Gainer!
Builds More Muscle*
Increases Reps and Energy*
Decreases Stress and Anxiety*
Enable ...
Magnum - Hard Muscle Builder - 30 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Fasted Cardio
FASTED CARDIO is the world’s strongest and most innovative fat burning powder! ...
C$46.74 C$54.99
Magnum - Fasted Cardio
Magnum Magnum - Big C - 200 caps
Stronger, Leaner, more Muscular.
Non-water Retaining Creatine Capsule!
Creatine absorption into your working muscle*
Increased amount of pump you s ...
C$33.99 C$39.99
Magnum - Big C - 200 caps
C$8.49 C$9.99
Magnum Deluxe Shaker
Magnum Magnum - PreFO - 50 serv
Increased muscle energy, stamina and resistance to fatigue
Accelerated recovery post-training
Added Nootropics to keep you focused
An amazing, deli ...
Magnum - PreFO - 50 serv
Magnum Magnum - Thrust - 120 Caps
Pharmaceutical Grade Male Amplifier!
Muscle density and lean gains
Strength and power
Healthy balance of estrogen and DHT
Promotes the deepest, mo ...
Magnum - Thrust - 120 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Mane Brain - 60 Caps
Maximizes Your Focus
Enhances Memory and Increases Clarity
Boosts Brain Energy and Cognition
Designed For Athletes, Students, P ...
Magnum - Mane Brain - 60 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Mimic - 60 Caps
Promouvoir des pompes et une vascularisation plus grandes et plus complètes
Encourager la perte de graisse
A ...
C$27.19 C$31.99
Magnum - Mimic - 60 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Performance Greens - 500g
Advanced Performance Organic Greens
Over 75 high-grade, organic ingredients
Increased energy and stress relief
Detoxifies and cleanses body*
Balan ...
Magnum - Performance Greens - 500g
Magnum Magnum - Tonic - 90 Caps
Natural Testosterone Activator
The amount of luteinizing hormone produced in the pituitary*
The ratio of free testosterone to bound (useless) testos ...
Magnum - Tonic - 90 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Rocket Science - 60 Caps
The Worlds 1st Ambition Intensifier!
Exercise Performance by 13%*
Mental focus by 22%*
Endurance by 65%*
Energy by 67%* ...
Magnum - Rocket Science - 60 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Carne Diem - 96 caps
Success where other L-Carnitine products have failed
Maximizes the uptake of L-Carnitine into muscle tissue*
Forces your muscles to favor fatty acid ...
Magnum - Carne Diem - 96 caps
Magnum Magnum - Performance Greens - 250g
Increased energy and stress relief*
Detoxifies and cleanses body*
Balances pH levels*
Promotes healthy aging and improves sleep*
Accelerate recove ...
Magnum - Performance Greens - 250g
Magnum Magnum - Volume - Gummy Worm Candies - 24 Serv.
Unbelievable muscle pumps*
Enhanced blood flow and oxygen transport to muscle*
Increased anaerobic and aerobic capacity*
Impro ...
C$33.99 C$39.99
Magnum - Volume - Gummy Worm Candies - 24 Serv.
Magnum Magnum - Primer Performance Packs - 24 Packs
Build Your Foundation!
Builds muscular mass and recovery*
Increases strength and performance*
Enhances cellular energy and hydration* ...
Magnum - Primer Performance Packs - 24 Packs
Magnum Magnum - E-Brake - 72 Caps
Strong Natural Anti-Estrogen Compound
Supercharged muscle growth and strength
Decreased recovery from training sessions
Hardened muscles for a more ...
Magnum - E-Brake - 72 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Drip Dry - 90 Caps
Finally, a modern, effective, natural diuretic!
Water Loss Agent!
Harder and leaner physiques*
Increased muscular definition and vascularity*
Stri ...
Magnum - Drip Dry - 90 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Heat Accelerated - 120 Caps
Sweatier Than You Have Ever Been!

Reduced body fat by increasing metabolic rate and energy expenditure*
Rapidly provides a thermogenic effect (inc ...
C$42.49 C$49.99
Magnum - Heat Accelerated - 120 Caps
Magnum Magnum - Acid - 90 Caps
The World’s Only CLA Isolate!
Increased caloric expenditure
Decreases the activity of fat-storing enzymes
Reduced hunger craving and increased feel ...
Magnum - Acid - 90 Caps
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