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About us

The Quebec-based Company Equilibre Performance Nutrition is a private training center with high-end equipment and a large natural supplements store located on the South Shore of Montreal, Qc, CANADA.

EPN was founded in 2013 by world-class fitness athletes, naturopaths and highly certified trainers Alain Gosselin and Emilie Provencher.

It was a dazzling success and very quickly. The owners have evolved the business based on deep values such as integrity, respect and authenticity. We now have more than seven employees who are just as concerned about helping our customers.

We offer a complete and personalized coaching for all levels. We are highly motivated to help you at many levels:

- Improvement of your lifestyle habits

- Have better energy and general health 

- Optimize your sports and professional performances

- Feel better every day

- Have a better body composition

- To be stronger, more enduring and more optimal in your training techniques.

In short, we like to help you "Level Up" and help you discover your potential. 

The EPN team is passionate and determined to guide you towards a winning solution according to your goals. A place where client education is a priority.

Come see us and join the EPN team!

Access our website for more information on all the services offered in our branches. www.epnutrition.ca



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