What is procrastination?


Procrastination it's the art of giving everything away. Tomorrow is always the right day to do things. How to start a diet: Tomorrow is always the perfect day. So, do you have a deadline that you have to respect? Start tomorrow … Do you need to carry out repairs in your house or car? Let us think of another moment. Do not confuse the procrastination with laziness.  When a procrastinator starts to think about something, he can do it in half the time that nobody can, it's easier to keep postponing instead of doing it and getting it out of your head.


Here Is One Way to Set Goals That Will Help You Succeed In 8 Steps.


  1. Make Up Your Goals

Think of something you want to do and then decide, it can be that easy.


  1. Be Specific

It is important to know what you are working for. And to make a plan, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve.


  1. Sometimes you are your biggest ennemy

We are our biggest enemy when it comes to setting goals. The voice in our head says, "It's too outrageous," too fast, too boring …. Turn that voice off and always strive for everything you do.


  1. Set A Deadline

It is important to know exactly when you want to reach your goal. A goal does not make sense if you "one day" achieve it. Otherwise, your goal will float somewhere in the indefinite future. Most likely, you will never reach a goal that has no time limit.


  1. Decide What You Will Sacrifice

Achieving goals without sacrifice is a myth. You can not lose weight and eat whatever you want when you want it. You have to make concessions.


  1. Follow your habits

Habits are the basis for achieving your goals. To succeed, it's not about hitting home runs. It's about doing things well every day.



  1. Revise and customize

Review your goals at least once a month. The point is not to adjust your goals, but to focus on your daily actions. If you feel that you are not progressing, do not hurry to think that you can not do it. Focus on your steps. If something does not work, do not be afraid to change your methodology. In the end, setting a goal can be easy, but if you do it right, the goal itself will help you create habits that will make you successful.



Knowledge is Power: The information you receive is the key to your success. The more you know, the better. Read about your goal, talk to experienced people and study what to do. As you continue learning, you remain curious and motivated.


Pay attention to positive people: If possible, try to avoid negative people. That’s it …


Do It…: procrastination can be your worst enemy. Start with your first sub-goals and always move forward. As mentioned earlier, you can use the sub-goals to resolve a potentially overpowering goal and please finish what you start.


Know your strengths and weaknesses: You know what your strengths are, so use them to your advantage. During your journey, you can discover new strengths that you do not even know. Develop your strengths, because they enable you to achieve great things. We all have weaknesses, we are all human beings. Work on your weaknesses, there is always room for positive improvements.


Go get it!


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