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Self-improvement related to sports

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Self-improvement related to sports


Without confidence in your abilities, you can not recognize your potential. It is even possible that someone with less ability, but with confidence, can overcome this person because belief in yourself can have a strong influence.

Sense of confidence can be referred to as the strength of an individual's belief that you can successfully perform a particular activity. The concept of self-efficacy has often been used synonymously with the concept of self-esteem, which is the ego-evaluation process; However, self-efficacy is more accurately described as a precursor to self-esteem and mediated by the individual's attributions.



Dreams Come True


It all starts with a dream ... a vision ... a goal.


There are many things you need to do every day to make your life special. you should laugh, think, ask and invest 100% in everything you do.


There is no guarantee in life, nothing is easy, and success in sports will never be easy.


But dreams can really come true, why not yours? If it is not you, it will be someone else, someone who could wish that dream a little bit more



Believe in Yourself


From time to time, ask yourself "who you think you are". Learn to look at a point you come across to others and ask yourself about your point of view or your eyes, do you believe in yourself or could you do more to shine in what you do? Much of the belief in yourself is the ability to control your mind. Your mind has the power to help you win races or prevent you from winning races. They had to make a conscious decision at each race to participate in a winning mentality.





There is no doubt that you must overcome adversity at any time during a sporting career.


Very often you can neither predict the source of misfortune nor its greatness, but the measure of your strength of your character will be the way to overcome it. Face the problem, eliminate your emotions from the problem and find the solution.


Concentrate on solving the problem, you can continue your journey and achieve the desired success.



Make This Your Time


You can never be sure that the opportunities that intersect in your sport will continue to follow you. Treat every opportunity as if it were the last. Take your time, go tomorrow and think of one thing you can do to make a difference. This small change could have a big impact.





Above all, it is crucial for success to be determined to improve. In short, if it is decided, all necessary work will be done to achieve the objectives.


The way you manage training, competition, success and adversity is a measure of the type of character you are and the level of success you can achieve.


Great athletes are motivated from the inside to succeed and are determined to succeed.


To get better and develop better, do not compare yourself to others. Learn to be better for yourself and improve your skills.


Understand the perspective of others and the role they can play to help you improve, but try to improve.


You can do it


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    Merci Emilie pour tes articles et conseils ! C’est précieux avoir une super athlète comme toi comme coach

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