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Reeliv5 - Spray - 90 ml

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Immediately remove your pain

Thanks to its 2 in 1 formula, the Arthro Action spray immediately relieves your pain while accelerating the healing process of your injuries. Practical, fast and effective, its formula penetrates deeply and restores your bo


Dosage: Apply directly to the area of ​​your body that is sore and let it sit. Then spray again until healing or in case of pain. If necessary, combine with capsules or liquid concentrate for optimal results.

Allows direct application to the affected region.
Immediately reduces pain and inflammation.
Feeling cold to reduce pain and inflammation, followed by feeling warm to speed healing.
Non-greasy formula, volatile scent, does not stain clothing.

Active ingredients
(D -) - Camphor
Eucalyptus essential oil
Clove essential oil
Methyl salicylate

Are you used to vaporizers? The Reeliv5 model will please you. With a simple spray, it can heal the sore region and quickly relieve your body or arthritis pain, whether chronic or transient. To try it is to adopt it !

If you are one of those who ask a lot of their body, you will see that Reeliv5 is a formula that quickly leads you to the top! Successfully tested by top athletes and the active community, the products have even proven themselves in the National Hockey League.



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