Believe - BCAA + L-Carnitine 30 Serv.

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30 servings7g of BCAAs per serving
1.5g L-Carnitine per serving
Sugar free
Without Calories

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The BCAAs are directly absorbed by the muscles, playing an important role in feeding them during workouts. They also play a support and recovery role immediately after training. L-Carnitine will help you turn fat into fuel and improve your training performance.

Believe's BCAA's is a product that will help you increase your performance, improve your recovery, support your loss of fat mass and promote the formation of muscle mass.


L-Carnitine is a natural amino acid that can be obtained through food and supplementation. It is involved in energy metabolism and weight loss. L-Carnitine is an essential nutrient for energy production in the muscles, heart and liver. It promotes healthy body composition by helping to convert fat into energy. L-Carnitine also helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, stimulate mental energy, reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance, shorten recovery time after exercise and promote loss of weight.


Benefits of L-Carnitine

Powerful antioxidant;
Promotes better cholesterol and a decrease in fat mass.
Improves insulin sensitivity. This means that it helps keep blood sugar levels down, even after a high carbohydrate meal, while helping to replenish glycogen stores. This is why it can also be taken post-workout.


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